Munich RumBBL feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Thu, 18 Jan 2018 10:50:19 +0100 OBBLM 0.97 SVN Match: Fortress of Wisdom (0) vs. Nervige Neuronen (1) Inducements: Fortress: Bribe Neuronen: Apo Fri, 05 Jan 2018 15:07:41 +0100 Match: Zerstrittener Haufen (1) vs. Clap Dance (0) The induced Bloodwiser Kegs motivate the Orcs so much that they only roll Pows and score at the end of the half. The Beast was KOed in Turn 2 and never returned. Two more CAS in the first half and the Nurgles cannot mount an opposition. The only two Orc KOs return due to the Kegs and the second half continues similarily. A handoff at the end fails and the Orcs cannot score a second time but are nonetheless verry happy with their lucky dice and the result. However, the Orcish Thrower "Affek T. Iert" joined the Nurgle Team ... Sat, 02 Dec 2017 17:45:31 +0100 Match: Shikago Beefmakers (2) vs. Tekken (5) Two Blitzes for the Gobos. And there their luck ends. Perfect game for the Woodies who get scored on twice by the doom diver. But their Offense rolls and the WD gains AG+ ! Funny side note: After the Goblin coach was ejected, the kickoff result Brilliant coaching occured three times resulting in three RRs for the Woodies. Sat, 02 Dec 2017 14:49:11 +0100 Match: Tele 5 Idols (1) vs. Hashut Helles Raisers (1) In a blitz ridden match, where both teams fought hard the final result was a disappointing 1-1 draw with all fans going home dissatisfied. Ironically, this foster further enthusiasm for the potential rematch in the play-offs with both teams standing on the rise. The indecisive result wasn't for lack of trying though, with Durkleki Slavechasm denied an early score only by a loss of footing late in the first half as he looked sure to score. Marshall Bravestarr star shone for the Idols crossing for the earlier touchdown, only to be cancelled out at the death by Doruak Cinderaxe. On debut Gharkharth Fastbull was injured twice during the match, after receiving medical treatment. The on-site NAF official mooted introducing a stand down period for concussions, and was promptly shouted out of the stadium. Thu, 30 Nov 2017 21:20:40 +0100 Match: Hashut Helles Raisers (4) vs. Shikago Beefmakers (1) Following an early drive by Iskdug Leadnail to put Hashut ahead 1-0, the Beefmakers were stunned by the letter of the law interpretation of the 'rules' by the match official. In a flurry of red card rage 3 players, and the coach we're dismissed from the field, despite financial offerings. Hashut showed no mercy under some brilliant coaching to go 2-0 up at the half. Beefmakers swooped in for a TD to make it 2-1, and showed signs of life forcing a turnover after resuming with a thin line. The numbers game eventually took its expected toll on the game with Hashut running out 4-1 winners. Sat, 18 Nov 2017 09:30:35 +0100 Match: Hashut Helles Raisers (2) vs. Nagende Zweifel Freimann (1) Arahagos Stonehammer set the tone earlier with a clean mark, and a runaway TD for Hashut Helles Raisers. Feivel was unable to match the skills of the agile Bull Centaur, but still took advantage of a rapid reply to level at 1-1 by halftime for Nagende Zweifel Freimann. The final Hashut drive was interupted by a riot, and when play resumed for the second half they were out for blood! Following some determined defence, and advancing numbers Doruak Cinderaxe crafted a solid TD for the 2-1 win. Sokrates was heroic in the first half blitzing into and then out of an 8 man cage, and scored TD. Incredulously, Land was awarded the MVP. Isdug Leadnail took the honours for Hashut along with, collecting a fragment of Rattus' skull as a souvenir. Tue, 22 Aug 2017 22:02:23 +0200 Match: BBV Waldperlach (0) vs. Hashut Helles Raisers (2) The Hashut Helles Raisers kicked off their first match of the season against BBV Waldperlach in fine, but bruising, conditions. Receiving first BBV secured the ball, before seeing the numbers game catch up to them and a turnover score forced. BBV took some solace from the murder and resurrection of Hobgoblin Ghakha Snatchgazer by the Mummy Pucki. Ghakha Snatchgazer did not fair much better in the second half and was stretching off for a second time after a strong Chaos Dwarf block. Resilient as ever, Zombie hard-man Hans-Dieter was the standout MVP for BBV, albeit suffering a debilitating agility injury. Nadrakk Quickblaster and Iskdug Leadnail found themselves on the scoresheet either side of halftime, with Leadnail avenging Snatchgazer with a fatal hit on Ingo the inform ghoul. MVP for Hashut was Cyraeon Harshfoot, who also led the way with an early hit on skellie Fritz. Final honours went to Hashut Helles Raisers 2-0 (6-2). Mon, 21 Aug 2017 19:18:54 +0200 Match: Grünburg Bruisers (2) vs. Blankenberge Cuberdons (1) Sweltering Heat to the rescue!!! A very very lucky overtime win in the end. :D Sun, 11 Jun 2017 12:15:39 +0200 Match: Ostfriedhof Recycling (1) vs. The Expendables (2) Blizzard and 1-1 at half time. Perfect defense and a second half TD to Arnie, settled it for the Chaos team. A last moment pass (5+) failed to draw even. Mon, 08 May 2017 22:28:08 +0200 Match: Fortress of Wisdom (1) vs. Future Comets (1) Zwergen würfeln besser, gewinnen aber trotzdem nicht, die Deppen ... Tue, 11 Apr 2017 21:17:06 +0200 Match: Thorgrim's Grudgebearers (0) vs. Turbojugend Berg (1) Commissioner Wertung Thu, 06 Apr 2017 19:54:11 +0200 Match: Grünburg Bruisers (3) vs. The Expendables (1) Report to follow... Tue, 28 Mar 2017 17:35:38 +0200 Match: Kráľovné Džungle (1) vs. Zerstrittener Haufen (1) Amazon schlagen früh mehrere Orks KO so dass deren Offense steckenbleibt und sogar um ein Haar die Amazonen in Führung gehen. In der zweiten Halbzeit tun sich die Orks dann schwer, was auch daran liegt, dass 3 von 4 Ork KOs auch in der 2. HZ nicht mitspielen wollen. Die Amazonen Punkten freundlicherweise dann schon in Turn 6 um in der Open League ein möglichst spannendes Spiel zu haben. Dann vererchnen sich die Amazonen bei der Anzahl der restlichen Züge und die Orks können im letzten Turn ausgleichen. Insgesamt ein Mega glückliches Unentschieden für die Orks. Andererseits waren in Turn 3 schon 2 Blitzer KO und die Kombination von nur 2 verbleibenden Block Skills der Orks, dem Dodge der Amazonen und dem Mithril Panzer den die Amazonen anhatten, waren die Orks von Anfang an im Hintertreffen. Nonetheless, hat Spaß gemacht und Danke dass du mir ne Chance gelassen hast. Sat, 18 Mar 2017 13:24:52 +0100 Match: The Mad Hatt'harrs (0) vs. Middenland Crushers (1) Wholesale carnage! Mon, 13 Mar 2017 08:20:38 +0100 Match: Thorgrim's Grudgebearers (0) vs. Ostfriedhof Recycling (1) Commissioner Wertung Thu, 09 Mar 2017 08:51:25 +0100 Match: Thorgrim's Grudgebearers (0) vs. Tschikk'A-Go Beards (1) Commissioner Wertung Thu, 09 Mar 2017 08:43:47 +0100 Match: Natural Logarithm (1) vs. Red Bad Kruchaz (1) Hochspannendes Spiel in glühender Hitze. Beide Teams sind nicht in Bestform und das Ballaufnehmen scheint bei der Hitze für beide Teams erschwert, so dass nach einigem Hin und Her die Waldelfen 1:0 in Führung gehen. Die Hitze dezimiert die Woodies weiter und sie müssen zu fünft gegen elf Orcs für 4 Turns in die Verteidigung. Ein paar unglückliche Turnovers später gehen die Waldelfen mit der tapfer verteidigten Führung blutend in die Halbzeit. Das Ziel des Waldelfenpasses versagt beim Catch zum sicheren TD in der 2. HZ und die Orcs holen sich den Ball. Die letzten verbleibenden Elfen werfen alles in die Wagschale, aber die Orcs können im letzten Turn ausgleichen. Ein sehr mitreisendes Spiel endet mit einigen bleibenden Andenken für die Elfen. Thu, 02 Mar 2017 22:37:30 +0100 Match: Grünburg Bruisers (1) vs. Red Bad Kruchaz (1) For their round 5 match of the Munich RumBBL Rookie Division, the Grünburg Bruisers had to travel far into the blasted wastelands of Lochhausen, which are home to the Red Bad Krunchaz. That did nothing to deter the Bruisers' fans, who made up the majority of the 20,000 strong crowd, gaining their team +1 Fame for the match. The effect of this tremendous fan support was felt at the first kick-off and the Humans started the half with 5 Re-rolls. After receiving the kick, Grünburg set up to drive the ball straight up the field. Spotting a small gap in the Orc's defensive line, the attackers tried to push through... but the gap suddenly closed and the ball was knocked loose. Lots of pushing and shoving ensued. A Black Orc was badly hurt after being trampled on by several Bruisers' players, one of which was promptly sent to the showers... despite the protestations from his coach. Meanwhile, the ball was wildly bouncing around the pitch before becoming stuck on the horn of a Black Orc's helmet. Said Black Orc got such a fright, that he started running straight towards the Bruisers' endzone. His Human would be pursuers didn't manage to get past their markers, save for a lone Thrower. That just wasn't enough to stop a Black Orc on the move and the Bruisers found themselves 0:1 behind on the scoreboard. There was still time left in the half, however, and the Humans were keen to get a quick start on the next drive. They managed to get a player in scoring position and moved the ball close enough for a pass. It all was a bit too rushed, though, and the ball was fumbled just past the line of scrimmage as the half ended. After the break, it was the Orcs who opted for the Quick Snap at the kick-off, trying to steamroller the opposition into the turf. The kick had gone deep and, even though the Krunchaz managed to recover the ball quickly and bring it up to the front of their line, their backfield was spread out pretty thinly. This allowed the Human defenders to put pressure on the ball carrier, who tried his best to dodge through the gaps around the line of scrimmage. The Troll going stupid at a crucial moment gave the Bruisers the opening they needed to sack the ball carrier. The ball was loose once more and making his way around the pitch as though it had a mind of its own. Eventually it was the Humans who managed to get their hands on it and make for the Krunchaz's end of the field. Despite some desperate defending from the home team, they couldn't stop the Human Blitzer from scoring the equaliser with only one turn to go. One turn is all that is needed, though, when you have a Troll and a Goblin on the team. The Bruisers's had read the play and set up accordingly. The Krunchaz managed to get the ball to the Goblin, the Troll picked up said Goblin... and tried to eat him!!! Luckily for the little blighter, he managed to squirm free and land uninjured, if somewhat traumatised from the experience. And so the two teams parted, with one touchdown each, one casualty each, and one league point each. Thanks for a great game, Harald. :) Sun, 26 Feb 2017 15:31:17 +0100 Match: Grünburg Bruisers (2) vs. Thorgrim's Grudgebearers (0) Of the 12,000 fans who came to witness the encounter between the Grünburg Bruisers and Thorgrim's Grudgebearers last Monday 10,000 of them were Humans, giving their team +2 FAME for the match. The Dwarves won the toss and elected to receive. They promptly put the hurt on as the ball came down from the kick-off, sending one Bruisers Lineman into the Dead & Injured bin and two more on their faces before the Humans knew what was happening. Grünburg, however, managed to regain some composure after the initial shock and put the Dwarves under pressure, making them drop the ball twice in a row. The ball remained well-shielded amongst the Grudgebearers, though, and they continued to make slow progress into the Bruisers' half. As time was starting to run out in the first half, the Grudgebearer's made a break for it, which turned out to be their undoing. The Humans managed to knock the ball free and recover it. A Blitzer passed the ball to a lone Lineman in the Dwarves' backfield, but he dropped it. Moment's later. Bruisers Blitzer Thorsten Tausendteufel swooped past him, picked up the ball and ran it in for the halftime lead. The second half saw a reverse of the initial Dwarf onslaught from the first kick-off. Grünburg's initial assault put several Dwarves in the KO'd bin and one more went off the pitch with a Fractured Skull (-1AV + MNG). The teams apothecary tried his best to put the Linedwarf out of his misery, but the bugger just hung on and refused to die. Thorgrim's lads gave as good as they got, though, and more Humans left the pitch for the KO'd box as well. Nevertheless, they steadily worked their way towards the Grudgbearers' endzone... and even found time to pose for some fans before increasing the lead to 2-0. The fans were cheering and earned their team another re-roll at the next kick-off. The Dwarves tried again to close the gap and score a TD before the final whistle, but the Bruisers' defence held solidly and the way was just to far for the stunted ones. Thanks heaps for the game, Julian! :D Tue, 14 Feb 2017 09:05:09 +0100 Match: Turbojugend Berg (1) vs. Natural Logarithm (4) Sehr einseitig gewurfeltes Spiel. Nachdem die Logarithmen bisher nicht vom Glück gesegnet waren (eher die Kacke an den Hacken), nehm ich das gerne mal mit. Krass ist, dass auch noch die Verletzungen bei der Turbojugend so eingeschlagen haben. Naechstes Spiel gerne mit ausgeglichenen Würfeln. Lichemaster says: Hmmm... erster dodge im Spiel, auch noch mit Ballträger: Doppeleins... Woodelves holen sich den Ball, ich kann den Ballträger mit 2d blitzen, push push, RR, Doppelskull. Logischerweise muss das in einem TD enden. Dann der einzig souveräne Auftritt, Ausgleich per 2 Turner, aber mein Wrestler, die einzige wirkliche Waffe gegen die Blodger, geht mit MNG vom Feld. Apo, immer noch MNG. 4 Turn Offense, Tiefer Kick von mir in die Endzone. An der Line BD/Skull, Topas will den letzten Roller nicht zücken. Ich kann mit 3 Catchern gut Druck machen, Topas' Würfel kennen keine 1er, erfolgreicher Pass auf den Catcher. Aber der Ballträger kann geblitzt werden. Kriegt den 2d ab, Trotz RR geht der nicht down, ansonsten wäre das wahrscheinlich das 2:1 für mich gewesen. Die Waldelfen können sich befreien, können das aber nciht mehr nützen, da ich die Anspielstationen soweit zustelle, dass er schon ein Würfelwunder gebraucht hätte. Dann noch ein bisschen Geblocke, zuerst der Doppelskull, der den letzten Roller zückt. Dann 2d, Cas auf einen Lineman, MNG. Noch ein 1d hinterher, Cas auf einen Catcher, -AV. Ah ja... Seine Offense, gleich die nächste Cas auf einen Lino, der dann auch ziemlich tot ist. Nun geht's rapide bergab, gleich noch ein KO hinterher und das 2:1 für die Waldelfen. 7 gegen 11, nicht schön. Aber eine Pitchinvasion (ich hatte Fame 2) spielt mir in die Karten. Catcher holt sich den Ball, dann eine Runde später der Pass auf den Thrower (hier gleich der Roller weg), der macht trotzdem das Handoff auf den Blitzer auf die 4+, geschafft. Nur noch ein 1d Blitz und ein 2+ wdh. Dodge trennen mich vom Ausgleich, Skull... Das war dann endgültig der Sargnagel, mit der drückenden Überzahl war d nichts mehr zu machen und auch der Wille des Headcoaches war gebrochen. Dann halt treten: Foul auf den Catcher, ich lass ich mit der Doppel-1 auch noch erwischen. Aber den Catcher brachte ich wenigstens noch zur Strecke, tot. Immerhin konnte er noch reanimiert werden, aber ein -MA bleibt ihm noch als kleines Andenken. Meine letzte Offense wird nochmal gebreaked, ohne RR und ohne Spieler war da auch nicht mehr so viel zu machen. Das Spiel war bis zum Ende der ersten Halbzeit durchaus interessant, obwohl auch da schon die Würfel sehr einseitig waren. Aber da konnte ich noch dagegen halten. Und dann haben die Waldelfen einfach geprügelt... Mon, 13 Feb 2017 23:58:17 +0100