Munich RumBBL feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Mon, 28 May 2018 11:31:01 +0200 OBBLM 0.97 SVN Match: Artful Dodgers (0) vs. Hashut Helles Raisers (1) Artful Dodgers came out blazing with a double blitz in the first seconds, to recapture their own kick-off. Hashut did well to recover, with Stonehammer making the covering save and Cinderaxe moving the ball slowly upfield. The Dodgers tightened their grip however, surrounding the ball carrier and forcing the ball lose several times. In the final moments of the half, Hashut were hanging on desperately to keep things level at halftime and fully exhaustied their coaching options. With 5 Dodgers around the ball, it bobbled lose once again - only to fall miraculously to Stonehammer who took the catch in two the shadow of two Dodgers defenders, before breaking a tackle and storming away for an unlikely score. 1-0 Hashut, and the only time the Chaos Dwarves would cross halfway. The Dodgers began the second half equally purposefully, though still buzzing from their misfortune. With Hashut setting a stalwart defence, a blaze of Elf rage ensued as they sought to bully Hashut off the field. Seyveril was clearly out for blood, and attempted to foul the heroic Stormhammer! Needless to note that Chaos Dwarves are not easily pushed around, and within moments of Seyveril being sent from the field the Dodgers were 4 players down. Pressing hard, they were not able to secure the equaliser against the clinical Hashut, and now await an anxious countback to see if their playoff hopes are still alive. Sat, 26 May 2018 22:22:52 +0200 Match: Laram Lions (1) vs. Gush of Bruise (0) Commissioner Wertung Wed, 02 May 2018 08:47:25 +0200 Match: Gush of Bruise (0) vs. EC Rookies (0) Commissioner Wertung Mon, 23 Apr 2018 11:16:04 +0200 Match: Fortress of Wisdom (2) vs. Itza Iguanas (0) Fortress induced Slayer Sat, 14 Apr 2018 19:39:38 +0200 Match: Tekken (2) vs. EC Rookies (1) EC induced DP Skellet und Bribe (-40K Cash,0 after winnings) Sat, 14 Apr 2018 19:33:09 +0200 Match: Tekken (1) vs. BBV Waldperlach (1) Waldperlach inducen Igor und Babe Wed, 04 Apr 2018 21:02:30 +0200 Match: Bearhuggers (3) vs. Labo RAT Orium Morborum (1) Bearhuggers: babe induced Wed, 28 Mar 2018 23:26:49 +0200 Match: Khaines Fine Spirits (2) vs. Mournheim Munters (1) Inducements for KFS : 90k + 10k from bank for extra apo (fixed with winnings, 70k - 10k) Fri, 23 Mar 2018 08:10:48 +0100 Match: Tekken (0) vs. Hashut Helles Raisers (2) Tekken elected to kick in the face of pouring rain, and as the rain gave way to sweltering heat the decision might well have proved decisive. The Elves pushed hard forcing several turnovers, but the Hellraisers kept their composure and the ball, eventually launching a smooth passing touch down upfield as the numbers game took its toll. The fans were active either side of halftime, first getting the ref and then launching a full fledged pitch invasion. It was ultimately too much to handle for Tekken as the team went down 2-0, and placing their play-off chances in jeopardy. Sat, 10 Feb 2018 18:09:26 +0100 Match: Laram Lions (1) vs. Hashut Helles Raisers (2) On a wet and rainy day, Doruak Cinderaxe was unphased by either the weather or a Laram Lion's freebooting Wizard as he coasted up the field behind strong blocking to put Hashut ahead at the half. The game looked all but over early in the second half, when Fil Gamir failed to break the Hashut line, at which point start passer Norfilith had not even touched the ball. Cyraeon Harshfoot looked set to capitalise, storming through the line to capture the loose ball, as the stormclouds cleared overhead. Unfortunately for Cyraeon, the Laram Lions suddenly found their game again, recovering the ball and dodging with increased proficiency. Working out from this nice defensive recovery, the line provided a handy screen for Norfilith to find Isynd for the equaliser. The last words would belong to Nuffle and Cinderaxe however. The in form hobgoblin weaved his way up field for the second time of the match, in what would be his second touch down. He ran for well over 150 yards on the day. His task was made easier by a stalwart line of Chaos Dwarf Blockers who eventually ground down the High Elves, and at the penultimate moment when Larem Lions luck failed and Norfilith face planted trying to dodge free to make a last ditch tackle. Hashut securing a well fought 2-1 victory. Thu, 25 Jan 2018 00:26:26 +0100 Match: Fortress of Wisdom (2) vs. Grünburg Bruisers (0) Inducements Menschen: Helmut Bribe Rookie Blitzer Sat, 20 Jan 2018 14:10:47 +0100 Match: Fortress of Wisdom (0) vs. Nervige Neuronen (1) Inducements: Fortress: Bribe Neuronen: Apo Fri, 05 Jan 2018 15:07:41 +0100 Match: Zerstrittener Haufen (1) vs. Clap Dance (0) The induced Bloodwiser Kegs motivate the Orcs so much that they only roll Pows and score at the end of the half. The Beast was KOed in Turn 2 and never returned. Two more CAS in the first half and the Nurgles cannot mount an opposition. The only two Orc KOs return due to the Kegs and the second half continues similarily. A handoff at the end fails and the Orcs cannot score a second time but are nonetheless verry happy with their lucky dice and the result. However, the Orcish Thrower "Affek T. Iert" joined the Nurgle Team ... Sat, 02 Dec 2017 17:45:31 +0100 Match: Shikago Beefmakers (2) vs. Tekken (5) Two Blitzes for the Gobos. And there their luck ends. Perfect game for the Woodies who get scored on twice by the doom diver. But their Offense rolls and the WD gains AG+ ! Funny side note: After the Goblin coach was ejected, the kickoff result Brilliant coaching occured three times resulting in three RRs for the Woodies. Sat, 02 Dec 2017 14:49:11 +0100 Match: Tele 5 Idols (1) vs. Hashut Helles Raisers (1) In a blitz ridden match, where both teams fought hard the final result was a disappointing 1-1 draw with all fans going home dissatisfied. Ironically, this foster further enthusiasm for the potential rematch in the play-offs with both teams standing on the rise. The indecisive result wasn't for lack of trying though, with Durkleki Slavechasm denied an early score only by a loss of footing late in the first half as he looked sure to score. Marshall Bravestarr star shone for the Idols crossing for the earlier touchdown, only to be cancelled out at the death by Doruak Cinderaxe. On debut Gharkharth Fastbull was injured twice during the match, after receiving medical treatment. The on-site NAF official mooted introducing a stand down period for concussions, and was promptly shouted out of the stadium. Thu, 30 Nov 2017 21:20:40 +0100 Match: Hashut Helles Raisers (4) vs. Shikago Beefmakers (1) Following an early drive by Iskdug Leadnail to put Hashut ahead 1-0, the Beefmakers were stunned by the letter of the law interpretation of the 'rules' by the match official. In a flurry of red card rage 3 players, and the coach we're dismissed from the field, despite financial offerings. Hashut showed no mercy under some brilliant coaching to go 2-0 up at the half. Beefmakers swooped in for a TD to make it 2-1, and showed signs of life forcing a turnover after resuming with a thin line. The numbers game eventually took its expected toll on the game with Hashut running out 4-1 winners. Sat, 18 Nov 2017 09:30:35 +0100 Match: Hashut Helles Raisers (2) vs. Nagende Zweifel Freimann (1) Arahagos Stonehammer set the tone earlier with a clean mark, and a runaway TD for Hashut Helles Raisers. Feivel was unable to match the skills of the agile Bull Centaur, but still took advantage of a rapid reply to level at 1-1 by halftime for Nagende Zweifel Freimann. The final Hashut drive was interupted by a riot, and when play resumed for the second half they were out for blood! Following some determined defence, and advancing numbers Doruak Cinderaxe crafted a solid TD for the 2-1 win. Sokrates was heroic in the first half blitzing into and then out of an 8 man cage, and scored TD. Incredulously, Land was awarded the MVP. Isdug Leadnail took the honours for Hashut along with, collecting a fragment of Rattus' skull as a souvenir. Tue, 22 Aug 2017 22:02:23 +0200 Match: BBV Waldperlach (0) vs. Hashut Helles Raisers (2) The Hashut Helles Raisers kicked off their first match of the season against BBV Waldperlach in fine, but bruising, conditions. Receiving first BBV secured the ball, before seeing the numbers game catch up to them and a turnover score forced. BBV took some solace from the murder and resurrection of Hobgoblin Ghakha Snatchgazer by the Mummy Pucki. Ghakha Snatchgazer did not fair much better in the second half and was stretching off for a second time after a strong Chaos Dwarf block. Resilient as ever, Zombie hard-man Hans-Dieter was the standout MVP for BBV, albeit suffering a debilitating agility injury. Nadrakk Quickblaster and Iskdug Leadnail found themselves on the scoresheet either side of halftime, with Leadnail avenging Snatchgazer with a fatal hit on Ingo the inform ghoul. MVP for Hashut was Cyraeon Harshfoot, who also led the way with an early hit on skellie Fritz. Final honours went to Hashut Helles Raisers 2-0 (6-2). Mon, 21 Aug 2017 19:18:54 +0200 Match: Grünburg Bruisers (2) vs. Blankenberge Cuberdons (1) Sweltering Heat to the rescue!!! A very very lucky overtime win in the end. :D Sun, 11 Jun 2017 12:15:39 +0200 Match: Ostfriedhof Recycling (1) vs. The Expendables (2) Blizzard and 1-1 at half time. Perfect defense and a second half TD to Arnie, settled it for the Chaos team. A last moment pass (5+) failed to draw even. Mon, 08 May 2017 22:28:08 +0200