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Hangover Cup 2.Januar 2021, Lustenau
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Hangover Cup 2021 (NAF-approved)

Clubheim Cosplay Alpine
Amann-Fitz-Straße 6
6890 Lustenau

Rules according to BB2020 rule book, incl. Team of Legends and NAF recommended teams (Slann, Demons of Khorne)

Registration 9:00
Game 1: 9:30-11:45
Lunch break: around noon
Game 2: 13:00-15:15
Game 3: 15:45-18:00
Award Ceremony: 18:30

Cost: 10€

Team Budget: 1,150,000gp

Inducements allowed:
  • Bloodwiser Kegs,
  • Bribes,
  • Mortuary Assistent,
  • Plague Doctor,
  • Riotous Rookies,
  • Halfing Master Chef,
  • Starplayers,
  • Josef Bugman,
  • Standard Biased Ref
All cost and numbers of the allowed Inducements according to the rules book. All money not spend will be lost.


After a heavy New Year Celebration, most players are quite hung over, so they barely know what they are doing. During registration evey coach nominates 6 players of his team and will award one random Primary Skill to each of the players (dice rolls  must be made in presence of the TO). These skills must be used for games 1-3

During lunch break player sober again and they gain back their knowledge about what they were supposed to do. The coach can now use the following SPP budgets to freely distribute amoung their player, Stacking, Secondary Skills and Stat Increases are explicitly allowed. Any random skills or Stat Increases must be rolled in presence of the TO. All these skills will be kept for games 2 and 3.

Tier 1: 36 SPP
Tier 2: 42 SPP
Tier 3: 50 SPP

Any Injuries and Deaths will be healted AFTER each game.

If anything is not clear, the TO will make a call on the spot.

Corona Advisory: The tourney will not happen if legal restrictions forbid to hold this event. There is a 10 coach maximum to make sure distance between coaches during the games are kept. In the venue will be mask wearing mandatory. At game tables during game play you may remove the mask if your opponent agrees.

Venue restrictions: House shoes must be worn inside the venue, no outside drinks are allowed in the venue.

No Vignette needed for Austrian Autobahn if you exit at Dornbirn-Süd


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Re: Hangover Cup 2.Januar 2021, Lustenau
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Re: Hangover Cup 2.Januar 2021, Lustenau
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ist jetzt NAF-Approved