Munich RumBBL feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Mon, 17 Jun 2019 01:01:41 +0200 OBBLM 0.97 SVN Match: Downunderworld (1) vs. FC Neuhausen (1) Today's match between Downunderworld and FC Neuhausen had a final atmosphere to it, with both coaches needing a win to guarantee advancement to the play-offs. Downunderworld elected to receive after winning the toss, and Thran Forefangs went to work controlling the ball in the early drive. Late in the drive the Brettonian team forced a turnover, though Snutrut Tusksplitter was on hand to collect at the crucial moment and cross for a score. 1-0 Downunderworld. Heavy rain began to fall at the commencement of the second half, but it did not phase the Bretonnians one bit. The well organised team took control of the match, with a well worked running play up the left wing, and crossed for the equaliser practically unopposed. 1-1. As the final session of play started, Downunderworld found themselves a man short, and needing to quickly come to grips with the weather. To make matters worst for them, a well placed and short sideline kick by Donnersberger upped the pressure - and this was supported by perfect defence from the Brettonian team! With all eyes on him Trinq Dusthunter managed to collect the ball. Even so, team mates were falling all around him as Neuhausen looked sure to overrun the desperate Underworld defensive line! As Trinq dashed infield looking for support, he did get a couple of key assists slowing his pursuers. He ducked and weaved as his opponents sought to tackle him and wrestle him to the ground. Eventually he was taken to ground, though the ball fell kindly for just a moment staying the onslaught. As chants of "rat face, rat face" resounded around the stadium, Trinq regained his footing and the ball, before blitzing and dodging his way to the centre field even as the heavy rain fell around him. He would fall and regather yet one more time, in one of the great solo defensive performances of our time, to secure a valuable draw for Downunderworld. Final score Downunderworld 1 - FC Neuhausen 1. No doubt the FC Neuhausen crew deserved better, with the draw leaving them behind Downunderworld on touch down differential and out of play-off contention. For Downunderworld they are currently taking the last play-off spot, and will look on closely to see if other results go they're way. Allegations of bribes to the management of Puchheim who are their key remaining competitor were quickly dismissed by the head coach. Even if they do qualify for the play-offs, the underworld outfit will face a big challenge with two key players, blitzer Qrul Bonemaw and passer Irkut Firespine Jnr., succumbing to injuries and out for the next game. Wed, 05 Jun 2019 23:10:32 +0200 Match: Downunderworld (1) vs. Ballfreunde Harmonie Puchheim (2) Ballfreunde Harmonie Puchheim elected to receive on a sunny day, and dominated the first half to lead 1-0 at the break. Downunderworld could not get any momentum at all, with everything they tried floundering and lacking rhythym. In the second half, Thran Forefangs marked the ball cleanly and got the drive going, with Zoljin cruching through the elf defence. The Elves scrambling to force a turnover, however the ball was taken cleanly on the bounce, despite Elf tackle zone pressure, by Qrul Bonemaw. Bonemaw burst through the line with some big assists to level the score at 1-1. On the return drive, all 3 knocked out Elves recovered and they looked good for the win. Nonetheless, Bonemaw was not done and rapidly removed 2 runners in catching position (one with a bonecrunching hit, and the other with a forced dodge). Seeing the danger, the Elves then took out Bonemaw and managed to drive the cage over for a score in the final moments of the match, despite some tight last minute defending. Final score 2-1 to Puchheim, setting up a critical round 9 fixture for Downunderworld against the highly rating Bretonnian team to secure the final play-off spot. Sat, 01 Jun 2019 10:38:33 +0200 Match: Monkey Island Doubloons (1) vs. Hawkward Chicks (BB7) (0) Humans got +1 Fame. Weather roll is Wind. No inducement. Necro win the coin toss and chose to receive. Humans roll a Blitz and scatter the ball directly on the wolf who catches it. One Cas on a zombie and no TD in the first half. Score 0-0. Cas 0-1. Humams receive. Necros roll a "Huge Wave" which pushes every players down the humans field for 3 squares. Human Thrower/Leader is thrown out. First Human blitz is a double skull which eats up the last reroll. Undermaned and with no reroll the humans suffer 2 Cas and inflict 1. Necro manage to score on turn five. Score 1-0. Cas 2-2. Last drive is 1 turn for each team. Weather change to Hailstorm. Both team try to maximize spp. End of game. Score 1-0. Cas 2-2. Tue, 14 May 2019 22:47:58 +0200 Match: The Forge Guard (0) vs. Hawkward Chicks (BB7) (1) Humans got +1 Fame. Weather roll is Heavy Snowfall. Dwarves take a BWB as inducement. Humans win the coin toss and chose to receive. Dwarves roll a "Changing weather" to Spume and scatter in the human backfield. A Long Beard is mildly KO'd. Humans run along the side line to score in four turns after a GFI. 1-0 Dwarves receive. The KO comes back. Humans roll a "Changing weather" to Spume and scatter the ball deep in the Darf's backfield. The dwarves manage to pass the ball but not to score. End of first half. Score 0-1. Cas 0-1. Dwarves receive. Humans roll "Perfect Offense" and scatter the ball in front of their own LoS. The Dwarves form a cage that eventually the humans manage to break from the back. Follows a long period of succesful blocks and failed ball handling for both teams wich ends up with the ball not moving much and two human KOs. End of game. Score 0-1. Cas 2-1. Fri, 05 Apr 2019 21:58:21 +0200 Match: Lucky's 7 (1) vs. Hawkward Chicks (BB7) (2) Elves got +1 Fame. Weather roll is spume. Elves win the coin toss and chose to receive. Humans roll a perfect offense and scatter for touchback. A human blitzer is pushed in the crowd but is not injured. Elves score in five turns. 1-0 Humans receive. Elves roll cheering fan but nobody wins a reroll and scatter the ball right in front of their own LoS. Humans score in two turns with a series of lucky rolls. 1-1 End of first half. 1-1 no cas. Humans receive. Elves roll Blitz and scatter the ball in the Human's back field. One Elf lineman is mildy KO on a failed dodge. Humans struggle but score in five turns. 1-2 Elves receive. KO stays KO. Humans roll Mutiny waisting 1 turn for both teams. Elves have one turn left and use it for more spp. End of game. 1-2 no cas. Thu, 14 Mar 2019 22:34:29 +0100 Match: Hashut Helles Raisers (0) vs. Horny Gors (2) Hashut takes 1,090 inducements. Blizzard for full game. T1. Grashnak injured (pro reroll) T2. Morg injured (pro reroll, apo) Double Skulls, rerolled into Double Skulls T10. Morg injured T13. Mercenary injured Both Down / Double Skulls, rerolled into Double Skulls (Strip Ball on ball carrier) Total Hashut team value removed from the game 1,320. Minor error from Cangor Can who dodged himself out of the game. 2 late casualties on consecutive rolls. Total Gors team value removed from the game 400. [EDIT] I substracted 30k from the Horny Gors´ winnings for expensive mistakes. Wed, 06 Mar 2019 16:57:00 +0100 Match: Grunberg Bruisers B-team (1) vs. Tokyo-3 Angels (0) Beer. Tue, 05 Mar 2019 23:26:30 +0100 Match: Grunberg Bruisers B-team (0) vs. White Dwarfs (2) Beer. Tue, 05 Mar 2019 16:58:36 +0100 Match: Ostfriedhof Recycling (1) vs. Der Hades (1) Beer. Tue, 05 Mar 2019 14:01:21 +0100 Match: SpVgg Zwergalbräu (2) vs. Downunderworld (2) Spvgg Zwergalbraü were running hot tempered following their recent bruising match, and had fired their apothecary. After their election to receive, Downunderworld wisely chose to bench their star running gobbo Ciq. 23,002 were in attendance for the game. With fists flailing the dwarves pushed forward relentlessly, removing 3 goblins in short order. The only resistance from Downunderworld came from lone stalwart Zoljin the troll, who received plenty of attention. Oddly, the referee chose to eject one of the overzealous dwarves, slightly leveling the odds. With this opening, Downunderworld briefly forced a turnover, but the dwarves recovered shortly after for a late score. With it looking like one-way traffic Downunderword rallied, with a KO to a key guard, who would not recover for the duration of the game. Zoljin then took charge of the quick snap, launching Ciq upfield with a quick pass, after the later received a sharp chance from a hand-off. Nailing the landing, the rising star scorched wide dodging through the line and finally going over for a crucial equaliser. 1-1 half-time. Executing a perfect defensive set up, the Dwarves put immediate pressure on. This forced the Downunderworld running back into a right to left play. With Irkut Firespine Jnr. dashing free, he saw his support evaporate following some inept tackle-free dodging. Promptly surfed into the crowd with a nasty looking injury, the ball fell to a contested area. Gobbo Wolkolb recovered first and sped right, and almost out of range with the ball. The only player with a chance to catch him, an in form Dwarve runner and hot prospect following the early touch down, fell with the exertion and died! With time ticking, the Dwarves were desperate and their remaining runner launched a pass to troll slayer Smakki the Mad brewer. With several KOs giving the longshot a chance, it still looked a big ask. However, scooting away, Smakki shrugged off the the final assisted block and scored. Final score 2-2. Sat, 23 Feb 2019 18:13:05 +0100 Match: Dwarfstar Giants (0) vs. Ostfriedhof Recycling (2) Dwarfstar Giants received a short kick, and securing well moved the runner to the backfield. He got caught in traffic, and sacked while dodging, with Ostfriedhof scoring. 0-1 halftime. Ostfriedhof ran the ball through Kyle Knightblood, who was pressured all the way, but somehow to strong and agile to stop. 0-2. Hero play for Dwarfstar to get on the board almost paid off in the last moments, but was not to be. Final score 0-2. Both teams pleased to escape serious injuries in a battering match, in front of a fervant crowd. Thu, 24 Jan 2019 23:12:17 +0100 Match: Downunderworld (2) vs. Erengrad Eagles (1) Another top of the table clash this week, with Downunderworld coming head-to-head with Erengrad Eagles. Downunderworld elected to receive, and found it hard going in the earlier stages of the match to create an opportunity. With the clock ticking Thran Forefangs swept wide with the ball to make the breakaway. Unfortunately, he was run down by T. Balls and Glenn Meisner for the turnover. Though deep in his own half, Meisner broke free towards the halfway line and launched a pass up-field towards his receivers. With the situation desperate, Khal Rapidjaw was on hand to make the clutch interception for the underworld team, turning the match on its head yet again. As he surged forward to hand the ball off to goblin Ciq, the underworld teamwork was clicking again, however Ciq bobbled the pass and it went to ground. With the half drawing towards a dreary, scoreless half Thran Forefangs emerged from the shadows, dodging and weaving through tackle zones for the score. 1-0 Downunderworld at the half. The Downunderworld defensive coach could not be reached for comment on the second half opening drive. Freebooter Bomber Dribblesnot saw his bomb effort intercepted and returned for an early turnover. The disorganised defence melted away allowing T. Balls to cross midway through the half for the easiest touchdown of his career. 1-1. Prior to the final stanza, the Erengrad apothecary was seen chatting to a couple of off-duty budweiser babes selling Downunderworld merchandise. His absence proved fatal for Jesse Homme, and unhelpful for the balance of the human team who started the final drive with 10 men, due to a variety of injuries and concussions. Seizing the initiative Downunderworld quickly clawed, fouled and surfed their way to a 4 player advantage. With the line-in-sight, victory was at hand - when suddenly the human catcher Jorma Catching made a solo defensive play dodging through 2 tackle zones and blitzing the ball carrier. The angle of the hit left a mark on Forefangs, who will miss the next game, and unfortunately cannoned the ball into the crowd and back up field to one of the 6 remaining human players who took the catch. A shocking twist and heartbreaking for Downunderworld fans. These moments are the ones that test the strongest of goblin, skaven and troll resolves - and the call was answered. Against the odds and with coaching options exhausted, Downunderworld was able to free up the ball and move it up-field to Irkut Firespine Jnr. Running as fast as his rabid legs could carry him, he crossed in the dying moments of the half. Final score 2-1 Downunderworld. Tue, 15 Jan 2019 22:18:43 +0100 Match: Hashut Helles Raisers (1) vs. Orcoholics (1) With much fanfare ahead of the match, Hashut Helles Raisers once again called on the services of Grashnak Blackhoof for their match against the Orcoholics this week. The greenskins elected to receive, but their play was well anticipated by Hashut with the perfect defence led by Blackhoof. Hashut could not force the turnover however, and the Orcoholics releaved the pressure wheeling away towards the centre of the pitch. Blackhoof would have none of it, and pressured the Orcs into a key turnover late in the half. Much to the frustration of the Chaos Dwarf coach, he then proceeded to try and pick up the loose ball. It proved too much and scattered into the crowd, who heaved it across the pitch. Orcoholics recovered through Bringo Star for the score. As the rain began to fall heavily in the second half, the match descended into a slug fest in the mud, with Hashut gaining the ascendancy late in numbers but struggling to keep possession. Late in the half, Blackhoof was again in the action blitzing an orc lineman onto the ball, and the ball into a solitary tacklezone. He motioned to pick it up (again), but this time Doruak Cinderaxe was on hand to collect it with a cool head, and dodged away up field. With reduced numbers opposing him, he was unstoppable. As the Orcoholic's own Goblin savant Uwu Zela prepared for the improbable winner, Hashut launched a deep defensive kick. It looked enough, but the fans wanted to see more! In the ensuing riot, the orcs bought a little time. They used it to good effect, not to get the ball, but to beat down Blackhoof - Uwu applying his boot to good effect smashing the big guy's collarbone. Fortunately, the apothecary was on hand to heal the wound, as both teams were booed off the pitch. Tough crowd. Final score 1-1. MVPs went to Duruak Cinderaxe and Hurgan Ungemut. Both big guys were outstanding, with Blackhoof overcoming his loner nature for the good of the team, on three occassions. Hermes Phettberg was equally unflappable putting in a flawless performance in the heavy hitting, but ultimately pointless match. Mon, 14 Jan 2019 20:14:03 +0100 Match: Downunderworld (1) vs. Knochenbrechaz (0) Knochenbrechaz started fiercely against Downunderworld, electing to receive and immediately putting the star Skaven blitzer Qrul Bonemaw to the KO bin for a head check. Pressing throughout the half, safety Thran Forefangs was on hand to make the saving blitz late in the half. The Orcs unlucky to go into the half-time at 0-0, though Troll stalwart Fetab Rockn seemed blissfully unaware. With 2 players in the Underworld KO bin needing continued treatment, Knochenbrechaz pressed their advantage with a blitz, that eventually turned over the ball mid-may through the half. With the game within their grasp, Nuffle took it away as easily with the blabbering incantations of the Downunderworld coach duly answered. Missing a key block against a goblin, the same goblin was freed to push the Orc passer unceremoniously into the crowd. With the ball thrown in, either side had a chance still to steal the game, and it would be Cakvaarx to emerge the hero, as the goblin scurried up field for the winning touch down (the final play of the game, a one-turn attempt from Fetab Rockn coming up short with some perfect defense to shut out the game. Final score: Downunderworld 1 : Knochenbrechaz 0. Thu, 10 Jan 2019 11:01:10 +0100 Match: Spitzenspezl Spitzohren (0) vs. Downunderworld (2) Downunderworld played an aggressive game - blocking, fouling and sabotaging their way to a 0-2 victory at the Spitzenspezldom this evening. By the final drive, Sepp was the only Elf left on the pitch, at which point Trinq Dusthunter crossed for a merciful touch down. It wasn't all one way traffic though, with the Elves unlucky not to produce a famous equaliser early in the second half, with the blitzer pressing high up and forcing a turnover. Astonishingly, Downunderworld managed only 1 legal casualty (out of 6) with 2 sending offs. More astonishingly, all the players on either team will be back next week! Surely more than the measly 11,000 fans that turned out this week can be expected. Wed, 19 Dec 2018 23:01:46 +0100 Match: Hashut Helles Raisers (1) vs. Nagende Zweifel Freimann (2) Nagend Zweifel Freiman last met Hashut Helles Raisers 15 months ago, with the latter triumphing 2-1 on that occassion. While fans savouring the long-over-due rematch, both sides entered the match with injuries. The Skaven outfit likely had the better of the build-up losing one Gutter Runner, the inestimable Brain. The Chaos Dwarves for their part started down 2 players with key Blitzer and Line positions vacant due to a tough match last month against the Booyaa Tribe. Bridging the divide and flooding their bench, the Hashut coach elected to call upon veteran Hoblin players Rashnak Backstabber and Zuvtik Shadowmouth for the match. The teams lined up 15 on 14, with Lemmywinks and Remy eagerly sharpening their claws in anticipation. It was really sunny day, and a few overzealous fans invaded the pitch at the kick-off. Astonishingly ZERO players were harmed. After the brief delay Hashut worked the ball upfield for a regulation score. Defending well, they then placed a well planned short kick. Unfortunately, Nagende were equal to the task with Pinky scoring in a single play to close the half. 1-1. Second half was eventful. As the weather cleared, Hashut applied early pressure forcing Nagende wide. Pinky found himself cornered this time by Iskdug Leadnail, who forced the ball free and into the crowd. The crowd obliged by throwing the ball across the pitch with it bouncing into the Hashut end zone. Felvel moved for the pick-up on the subsequent play, with no Hashut players in reach, and after briefly bobbling the ball scored. That's how the game ended, though Doruak Cinderaxe came close to delivering a long bomb to tie up the game in the final play of the game. Off the ball, Rashnak Backstabber got the better of the opposing Rat Ogre, Carlo, slicing into his tail. Though badly hurt he'll return next week, much to the relief of the Nagende coaching staff. Final score: 2-1 to Nagende. Tue, 27 Nov 2018 19:18:40 +0100 Match: Downunderworld (2) vs. 1. FC Sonnenschein (0) Electing to receive, Downunderworld were fortunate to score at the end of their drive with some clutch dodging from Forefangs. Casualties mounted in the second half, and Sonnenschein could not claw their way back into it. 2-0 Downunderworld. Wed, 14 Nov 2018 10:15:42 +0100 Match: Der Hades (1) vs. Ostfriedhof Recycling (2) Ostfriedhof Recycling prevail in a tight match, that saw both coaches sent off and a flying Hypnos score. Wed, 14 Nov 2018 08:56:46 +0100 Match: Downunderworld (5) vs. Bounty Hunters (0) The game started ominously for the Bounty Hunters with Dabomb going ka-boom on the first defensive play of the game, after Downunderworld secured the ball. Moving forward they scored with ease mid-way through the first half, the only concern a concussion to troll Zoljin. 1-0 Downunderworld. Under pressure, Downunderworld placed a perfect, short kick and blitzed to secure possession. Scoring before the half, after a well worked reversal, the Hunters had one clean shot to push the ball carrier into the crowd, but faltered at the last hurdle. Downunderworld pausing just long enough to eject Swuuuush into the crowd which obliged with a cracked skull. It was an unfortunate incident, given the love shared by the cheering fans and coaching team over 4 kick-offs. 2-0 Downunderworld at the half, with Zoljin returning and 2 goblins sent off along with their coach. With 8 players taking the field for the second half, nothing seemed to work for the Goblin team with every other dodge failing in the perfect conditions. A clever turnover to Downunderworld from an uphill chain push, and there we have it 3-0. Second blitz of the game, and Trinq Dusthunter stormed upfield to take a mark, and the first of 2 touch downs. Bounty Hunters frustrated, with nothing working. 4-0 Downunderworld. Confidence brimming, Downunderworld stacked the right wing and sent a carefully placed kick exactly to that side. Cornelizuz and Krakken continued to go for the hail mary tossing their team mates around like cupcakes. This time to no avail, with the ball bounding ideallically for Dusthunter who ran in for the score to close out the game. 5-0 Downunderworld. Tue, 06 Nov 2018 22:00:14 +0100 Match: Ostfriedhof Recycling (1) vs. Blood Moon (0) Marking the ball from the kick-off, Recycling score mid-way through the first half. With excellent kicking and defense they held on, turning the tide just as Blood Moon started to gain ascendancy. The key block came from Kyle Blightblood, who went wide right and blitzed the ball carrier. Mon, 17 Sep 2018 11:19:38 +0200